Introduction and overview of the course

Welcome to the Make Your Practice Perfect course. This video gives a brief overview of some of the ideas behind the course and includes a 'Practice Health Check'. Please find the time to complete this over the course of a week. It is very important to your understanding of how and why the rest of the course is structured as it is.

I hope you enjoy the course and find it useful. As you work through the modules, please remember that music is a stroll, not a race - I may mention this a few times during the course! Trying to make too many changes at once often ends up with no change being made at all. Watch the videos, download the resources and spend a week or two working through them - especially in the early units. Taking time to make this change slowly and surely now will save you tons of time in the future!

if you have any comments or questions as you follow though just pop them in the comments box for each module and I will try to answer them as best I can - or if you see a comment that you can answer or have interesting input on, please feel free to join the discussion.

All the best and happy practising!